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Bringing Exciting Tools to a Boring Market

We all know that hiring is one of the biggest problems companies face. Hiring candidates that appeal and match your needs and company culture can be a daunting task. Bringing them up to speed and getting them trainied can be just as difficult.

SideSkills was built by a group of people fed up with the current solutions. We are entrepreneuers, business people, human resources experts, marketing people and operations people located in Los Angeles, CA. Countless hours have been spent planning, coding, discussing, tweaking and coding more until we developed a set of SaaS tools that every department, from HR to operations to marketing will be happy with.

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The SideSkills Executive and Advisory Team

  • Ryan McKenzie, Founder & CEO
    McKenzie leverages his experience from past startup success using his knowledge of web development and business innovation to ensure the company's progress. He brings years of technical know-how to the business and his passion, vision and focus are an essential part of the team.

  • Jerry Inman, Marketing Advisor
    Inman was the VP of Marketing for Lectra. He served as the VP of Global Marketing for Imany, was the CMO for 7th Online and with Information Builders, was instrumental in driving revenue from $60 million to over $300 million. His marketing experience is vital to the SideSkills team.

  • Deam Roys, Strategy Advisor
    CEO of Roys & Associates, an executive search firm specializing in early stage and emerging growth companies in the web 2.0 and digital media space. Roys brings years of search and recruitment knowledge to the SideSkills team.

  • Brandon Rickman, Lead Developer
    Rickman is the lead developer for SideSkills. He enjoys writing code, exotic beers, chinese food, drives through wine country and spending time with his two children. His experience and methodical way of writing code makes Rickman a crucial part of the team.

  • Ryan Paul, VP of Sales
    Paul heads the SideSkills sales team. Prior to SideSkills, Paul was in charge of sales and client management at RP & Associates, located in Hermosa Beach, CA. His previous experience has helped him recoginize the needs of our clients and he helps with integrating and customizing the service to fit their needs.

  • Jeff Collins, Director of Training
    For years, Jeff was Senior Account Manager at Wpromote. He was in charge of managing accounts and overseeing client success. Here at SideSkills, Jeff is Director of Training and Implementation, using his teaching skills, technology know-how and account savvy to ensure successful implementations.

  • Jena Brown, Creative Director
    After graduating, with a B.A. Degree in Journalism and Communications in 2009, Brown began working as a graphic designer for bigMETHOD, a social media agency that joined BLITZ Digital Studios in 2011. At SideSkills, Brown is our branding and design guru - ensuring any client gets exactly what they're looking for on the design front.

  • Morgan Ralls, Client Relations
    Ralls brings years of project management and customer support to the team. About the friendliest person you have ever met, Ralls handles all day-to-day client support issues.

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