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Is SideSkills free?

Yes for individuals. Business owners pay a small fee but have the advantage of using their employees as lead generation tools to increase sales. Find new customers that you would have never known existed because of your employees.

Do I need a SideSkills account to browse the site?

Yes, and it easy to access. Quickly and securely register your name or your business name and once registered, search the Site for your contacts. Once registered, you are able to invite contacts from your G-mail or Yahoo address book. Create a project as Manager, fill in or edit your Profile/Portfolio, list your Skills at anytime.

Are there restrictions on a SideSkills account?

As an individual you must be Eighteen (18) years of age and agree to the terms of SideSkills legally binding contract. All individuals and/or businesses are limited to one SideSkills account.

How do I login using Facebook, Google or Yahoo? Why would I want to do this?

Simply click the button from the landing page that says, "Sign In with Facebook, Yahoo, or Gmail". This is a quick and easy way to create an account.

How do I edit my account settings?

To edit account settings, click on the Settings link in the upper right corner from any page. You are then able to edit the following: My User info, including your name and contact information. Email Notifications, set the type of job activity you wish to be alerted to via email. Billing and Payments, enter PayPal account information to make payments. Sponsored Listings, apply to be the sponsored listing for a Skill.

I do not have a SideSkills account, can I still use the site?

In order to access the site you must register for a SideSkill account (which is free). You can quickly and securely register for an account. Once signed in, you can create projects and use all the other features of the site.

How do I send a private message?

Click on the messages link in the upper right corner from any page, or click send message next to someone's user image. Click Compose Message. On the left of the screen, filter through the different message types including, Personal Messages, Project Invites, Contact Invites, Payments and System Messages. You can also send a private message when looking through profile pages. Under any picture click 'Send Message'.


Why do I want to add Skills to my profile?

When projects or events are created by a Project Manager, the Skills needed to complete the job are searched for in the SideSkills user base. If a potential Provider does not list the required Skill for the created project on a profile, the Provider will be overlooked by the search. It is suggested that to obtain the maximum benefit of any search for Skills that you possess, select and add ALL of your Skills through the 'Pick a Skill' drop down menu. You may also type in a Skill in the search box on the 'Add/Edit Skills' section accessed on the right side of the profile page. Always make sure you can receive invites by filling out your Skills section completely.

How do I add Skills to my profile?

On your profile page in the upper right corner, click the 'Add/Edit' link. Search the 'Pick a Skill' drop down menu or type in the search box. Rate and describe your Skill ability. Select the status of your Skill as 'Paid, Unpaid, Paid & Unpaid or Neither'. Once you have the rating, description and status of the Skill specified, click the 'Save Skill' box. The Skill will appear in your list of Skills and will flash in yellow. Your newly added Skill will appear on your profile page. You are now able to receive Project Invitations for that Skill.

What does the Skill Status mean?

Paid, means you would like to receive Project Invitations for a paid project. UnPaid means you would like to recieve Project Invitations for unpaid projects. You can list one, both, or neither. Neither means you will list the skill and have a portfolio, but will not receive any Project Invitations.

How do I edit my Skills?

From your profile, click on 'Add/Edit Skills'. Scroll the the Edit column on the right side of the page, locate the Skill you would like to edit and click 'Edit'. A box at the top of the screen will appear. Edit the Skill rating, description and status. When you are satisfied with the changes, click 'Save Skill'. Edited changes appear on the profile list of Skills and any further changes to the status will affect the number of Project Invitations you receive.

How do I delete my Skills?

From your profile, click 'Add/Edit Skills'. All profiled Skills are listed. The far right column indicates 'Delete'. Remove the Skill by clicking the red box. A 'Do you want to delete this message?' box pops up. Click 'yes' or 'cancel'. Clicking 'yes' deletes the Skill. No longer will you receive invitations for that Skill.

How do I list an unlisted Skill?

From your profile, click 'Add/Edit Skills'. In the 'My Skills' box in the center of the screen open 'Can't find a Skill?' (Suggestion One), click that link. Submit your Skill suggestion. Your Skill will be reviewed to make sure it conforms to SideSkills Terms of Service. If the new Skill is acceptable, you will be notifed via email. Add it to your profile.

How do I recommend a contact for a Skill?

When recommending a contact for a Skill, you let other Users know that you're personally recommending that user for that Skill. For example, if I recommend my college roommate for 'graphic design', other users will see a star next to his name in the search results.

Is my profile and portfolio visible to the public? Can I change the setting so only my contacts can see them?

To view all profiles and portfolios, a user must have a SideSkills account. All portfolio files are publicly visable so please be careful what you upload. If SideSkills receives any complaints about a portfolio or profile image, we may delete the image and suspend the account.


How do I add a new file to my portfolio?

When looking at your own portfolio, click, 'Edit Portfolio'. Here you will see a list of empty skills on the right side of the page. Click, 'Add a File' next to the skill folder you wish to upload into, and upload a file. To remove or edit an item, click the file. To remove the folder, simply delete all items in the folder.

Why do I want to add items to my portfolio?

When Project Managers are looking to send Project Invitations and ultimately award the project to a Service Provider, they will carefully review the potential Service Provider's portfolio for Skills required to complete the project. Upload all files, data, images, videos and materials to your portfolio for that Skill, and get a better chance of landing the job.

What is a Featured Portfolio Item?

A featured item is a file from your portfolio that you would like to feature on your profile. When other users view your profile they can see featured items from your portfolio. Selected items should be a good representation of your Skills. To feature an item, go to your Portfolio and upload it into a Skill folder. When you open a file by clicking it, a 'Feature This Item' link will appear. Click the link and the item will be featured on your profile.


I am looking for work, how can I find projects on SideSkills?

There are no active project boards where projects are listed/posted on the site. This means SideSkills is a spam free environment. Users can only be hired for a project when another user has created a project and sends a project invitation. The best way to increase a users ability to receive project invitations on SideSkills is to grow your network of contacts, by listing new Skills and keeping your Skill portfolio current.

What can I do to get found on SideSkills?

Import connections from Google or Yahoo email. Invite friends, tell people you are on SideSkills. Grow your network. Then, add your Skills, do a good job on the projects, get good feedback, and always ask for referrals.

How do I find the projects I was invited to?

Click, 'Project Invites' under 'Projects' in the main menu. Make sure you respond within the alloted time period or the invitation will expire.

What happens after I accept an invite for a project? How do I help my chances of being hired?

At this point there is not much you can do. You already know that the Project Manager likes you because you received an invitation. Just make sure your portfolio looks good and your feedback rating stays high. But even then, it is possible that they just liked the other user more...

What is a 'Sponsored Listing'?

A sponsored listing for a Skill is a priority listing. When a project is created involving that Skill, you/your company will appear at the top of the search results, whether you are connected to that user or not.

I received an invitation to work on a Project but for a Project this size I usually charge more money. How do I contact the Project Manager and say I am interested in doing the work but a higher price must be paid?

When a Project Invitation is received and a response is necessary, send a message directly to the Project Manager. Suggest a pay rate which you believe is fair.

What if I have selected a User to do the Project but we can not agree on the Terms or Milestones?

If you are unable to finalize the terms with someone and would like to select another User, return to 'All Projects', click on the 'Open Hiring' tab then click on the title of the Project. Click on the 'Project Specifications' page to view Users who have accepted the Project Invitation. Hopefully you will have better luck!

What is a project Milestone? Why would I want to set up project Milestones?

Milestones are set up for a Project so that multiple payments can be made to the Service Provider at various stages. For example, if a Service Provider is to paint your house for $500,.Set the first Milestone where you (the Project Manager) will pay $250 when half of the house is painted. The second Milestone is set for the completion of the job. The remaining balance will then be paid. Milestones keep projects on track. They add incentive to completion of the Project.


So I have created a project and sent out invitations, now what?

The Project Invitation has been sent to selected Users and a message has been sent to their 'Message Inbox.' Service Providers will review the Project Invitation and will choose to accept or decline. In the 'All Projects/Projects' section, click on 'Open Hiring' to view Users who have accepted the 'Project Invite'. Once you have reviewed the Users who have accepted the Project Invitation, select the best qualified and award the project. Milestones will then be set for Project completion.

So I have created a project and sent out invitations, now what?

As the Project Manager, once all payments have been made, you have the option to mark a project complete. Once marked completed, the project will appear under the 'Leave Feedback' list on your feedback page. Click on the link and leave feedback for the Provider.


How do I know how much I have earned?

Click "Account Activity" to see a history of payments made and received.

How do I get my money out?

Click, 'Withdraw Funds' from the main menu. Then simply enter in the amount (assuming you have a balance), and select the withdraw method.

What is the Transaction Fee for creating a project and hiring someone through the Site?

A Transaction Fee of 7.5% of the gross Project Price is deducted by SideSkills. Project Managers do not need to pay this, it is deducted from the total amount of the project. Example: Susie is hiried to work on a $100 project. The Project Manager pays $100, and Susie makes $92.50.


How do I remove a referral?

You can remove a referral the same way you made it. Click the activated star next to the Skill name on the contacts page.

How come I can't refer two people for the same skill?

Because referrals are important and we didn't want to allow users to refer everyone they know.


What are sponsored listings?

A sposored listing allows a user to sponsor a Skill, and appear in any search result for that Skill, regardless of connections. Sponsored listings also appear with a blue background at the top of the results, so they stand out more.

How do I apply to become a sponsor?

Go to settings, Sponsored Listings, and click, 'Apply' next to the Skill you would like to sponsor. A representative will contact you regarding price and availability.

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