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SideSkills users can find each other based on exact Skills. This makes hiring simple because an employer can filter through candidates, and find the right fit for the job or project.

Aircraft Pilot, Construction Supervisor, .NET, 3ds Max, Academic Writing, Accessories Designer, Account Examiner, Account Examiner Supervisor, Account Executive, Account Manager, Accountant Manager, Accounting, Accounting Assistant Controller, Accounting Clerk, Accounting Director, Accounting Manager/Supervisor, Accounting Office Administrator, Accounting Office Manager, Accounting Principal, Accounting Specialist, Accounting Staff Assistant, Accounting Technician, Accounts Assistant, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Acoustic Science, Acting, ActionScript, Active Army, Active Coast Guard, Active Directory, Active Marines, Active Navy, Actor, Ad Account Executive, Administrative Assistant, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Catalyst, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adventure Travel Planning, Advertising, Advertising Sales, Aerospace, Agricultural Business, Agricultural Grader, Agricultural Sales, Agriculture Inspector, AIR, Aircraft Mechanic, AJAX, Alternative Medicine, Analytics, Android Development, Angel Investing, Animal Breeder, Animal Control, Animal Husbandry, Animation, Anthropology, Antitrust Lawyer, Apache, Appraiser, Aquatics, Arabic, Archery, ArchiCAD, Aromatherapy, Art Direction/Set Design, Art Director, Art Teacher, Art, Acrylic, Art, Oil, Art, Other, Art, Pencil, Article Writing, ASIC, ASP, ASP.NET, Assembly Programming, Asterisk, Astronomy, Atom, Atomic Sciences, Attorney, Audio Editing, Audit Manager, Auditor, Auto Modification, Auto Painting/Art, Auto Repair, Automotive Technology, Aviation Manager, B2B Sales, B2C Sales, Babysitting, Back Massage, Backpacking, Backup Dancing, Badminton, Ballet, Ballroom, Bank Manager, Bank Teller, Banking, Bankruptcy, Bar/Club, Barback, Bartender, Baseball, Basketball, Bass, Bass Guitar, Behavioural Sciences Biology, Belly Dance, Benefits Law, Bengali, Beta Testing, Biathlon, Billing Specialist, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology Teacher, Biophysics, Biotechnology Consulting, BlackBerry, Blog Outreach, Blogs, Body Guard, Bookkeeping, Boutique Owner, Bowling, Boxing, Branding, Bridge Operator, Budgeting & Forecasting, Bus Driver, Business Analysis, Business Consulting, Business Management, Business Mathematics, Business Plans, Business Psychology, Business Writing, Busser, C, C++, Calligraphy, Camtasia, Canoe, Car Sales, Card Dealing, Carpenter, Cartooning, Cashier, Casting, Catering, Celebrity Media Sales, Celebrity Writing/Blogging, Cell Biology, Cello, Central Desktop, Certified Nurse, Certified Public Accountant, Character Dance, Charcoal, Chauffeur, Cheerleading, Chef, Chemical Engineer, Chemical Sciences, Chief Financial Officer, Children's Writing, Chinese, Choreography, Cinema 4d, Cinematography, Civil Engineer, Claims Examiner, Clarinet, Cleaning, Clerical, Climbing, Clothing Patternmaker, Coal Mining, Coin Collecting, ColdFusion, Collections Representative, College Professor, Comedian, Comedy writer, Comic Book Collecting, Comm Strategist, Commercial Lending, Community Manager, Compensation, Composing, Computer and Information Sciences, Computer Engineer, Computer Repair, Computer Sales, ConceptShare, Condensed Matter Physics, Construction Safety, Consultant, Consumer Protection, Content Writing, Contract Law, Contracts, Cook, Copyright Lawyer, Copywriter, Copywriting, Coreldraw, Corporate, Corporate Law, Corporate Strategy, Cost Accountant, Costume Designer, Country Dance, CPR Certified, Creative & Talent, Creative Writing, Credit Analyst, Cricket, Criminology, CRM, Cryobiology, CSS, Curling, Custom Auto, Customer Service, Customer Service Manager, Cycling, Dairy Science, Dance Instructor, Dancing, Darts, Data Entry, Data Interpretation, Deep Tissue Massage, Dent Removal, Dental Hygienist, Design, Detailing, Developing, Device Sales, DHTML, Diesel Engine Mechanic, Digital Photography, Direct Marketing, Directing, Director (Marketing), DirectX, Disc Jockey, Dishwasher, Diving, Divorce Lawyer, DJ, DP, Drafting, Draftsmen, Drums, Drupal, Drywall, DVD Studio Pro, eBooks, Ecology, Ecommerce, Economic Analyst, Economic Manager, Economic Specialist, Editing, Editor, Educational Sales, Electrical Engineer, Electrician, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Design, Electronics Design, Elementary Teacher, Elevator Inspector, Elevator Repair, Email Handling, Email Marketing, Employment Law, Entomology, Entrepreneur, Environment Law, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Equestrian, Equipment Operator, Equity Research Associate, Event Producer, Event Staff, Executive Assistant, Facebook, Faculty Consulting, Family Law, Farm Equip. Mech., Fashion Buyer, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Design, Fashion Designer, Fashion Editor, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Model, Fashion Photographer, Fashion PR Specialist, Fashion Sales Rep, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Writer, Feature Writing, Fencing, Fiction Writing, File Clerk, Filemaker, Final Cut Pro, Finance Bookkeeper, Finance Controller, Finance Law, Financial Advisor, Financial Analysis, Financial Counselor, Financial Forecasting, Financial Management, Financial Reporting, Financial Statements, Financial Writing, Fire Inspector, Fishing - Bass, Fishing Guide, Freshwater, Fishing Guide, Saltwater, Fishing Rod Crafting, Flamenco, Flex, Floral Designer, Fluids and Plasma Physics, Flute, Fly Fishing, Folk Dance, Food Runner, Football, Foundation, Framemaker, Franchise Consulting, Freelance Marketing, French, French Horn, Front Desk Coordinator, Frontpage, Fundraising, Funeral Planner, Gaffing, Gardener, General Labor, General Law, General Office Skills, Genetics and Heredity, Geochemistry and Geophysics, Geosciences, German, Glass Repair, Golf, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Central, Grammar, Grant Writing, Graphic Design, Greenhouse Mgr., Groundskeeper, Guitar, Gymnastics, Hair Stylist, Handball, Handyman, Harp, HDR, Health Inspector, High Jump, High School Teacher, Hiking, Hindi-Urdu, Hip-Hop, History, Holistic Care (Animals), Holistic Healing, Home Designs, Horse Jumping, Horse Racing, Horse Training, Horticulture SPVR., Host/Hostess, Hot Stone Massage, HTML, Human Resource Consulting, Human Resources Assistant, Hunting, Hydrology, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Imaging Specialist, Immigration Law, Industrial Design, Industrial Engineer, Info Technology Consulting, Insurance Law, Insurance Sales, Integrated Circuits, Intellectual Property, Interior Design, International Law, Internet Marketing, Inventory Management, Investing, Investment Banking, iPad, iPhone, IT Sales, Italian, Japanese, Java, JavaScript, Jazz, Jewelry Design, Job Costing, Joomla!, Journalistic Writing, Jquery, Judo, Karate, Jujitsu, Karate, Kayak, Kickboxing, Kitchen Mgr, Korean, Lacrosse, LAMP, Landscape Architect, Landscape Design, Landscaping SPVR., Language, Latin Dance, Lawn Bowls, Lawyer, Lead Generation, Leasing Industry, Leasing Manager, Legal Research, Legal Transcription, Legal Writing, Letter Writing, Liability Examiner, Licensee Sales, Licensing Law, Life Coaching, Lifeguard, Lightwave 3d, Limo Driver, Linux, Litigation, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Logic Studio, Logistics, Logistics Coordinator, Long Jump, Lounge, Luge, Lyrical, Lyricist, m68000, Mac OS, Machine Operator, Mail Assistant, Maintenance, Malay, Management Consulting, Mandarin, Mandolin, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Design, Marine Biology, Marine Diesel Mechanic, Market Research, Marketing, Marketing Director, Marketing Strategy, Material Engineer, Math, Mayor, Mechanic, Mechanical, Media Planner, Media Supervisor, Medical Billing, Medical Consulting, Medical Law, Medical Sales, Medical Transcript, Mentor, Metal, Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, Microbiology, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Live Web Design, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Office Sharepoint, Microsoft Office Visio, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Visual Studio, Middle School Teacher, Mineralogy, MIPS, Mixed Martial Arts, Mobile, Model Airplanes, Model Trains, Modern, Molecular and Chemical Physics, Mortgage Banking, Motivational Speaking, Motor Bike Racing, Mountain Bike Racing, Moving, Music Producer, Music Teacher, Mutual Funds, Mycology, MySpace, MySQL, Nannying, Nanotechnology, Negotiation, News Artist, News Director, News Reporting, News Writer, Newsletters, Ning, Non-Fiction Writing, Nuclear Physics, Oboe, Oceanography, Off Roading, Office Assistant, Olive Oil Sales, Onsite Manager, Open Social, OpenGL, Operations Management, Optical Science, Oracle, Ornithology, osCommerce, Outsourcing, Overseas, Pagemaker, Painting (Industrial), Palaeontology, Palm, Para-Olympics, Paralegal, Particles and Fields Physics, Pastry Chef, Pattern Grader, PayPal, Payroll, Payroll Administrator, Payroll Specialist, PCB Design, Percussionist, Performance Consulting, Perl, Personal Stylist, Personal Trainer, Pesticide Handler, Pet Groomer, Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting/Care, Pet Training, Pet Walking, Pharmaceutical Sales, Photographer, Photography Re-touching, PHP, Physical Geography, Physical Therapist, Piano, Pilates, Ping Pong, Planning, Charity Events, Planning, General Events, Planning, Sporting Events, Plant Sciences - Botany, Plumbing, Poetry, Poker Player, Pole Vault, Police Officer, Political Consulting, Political Science, Pool, Portuguese, Pottery, Powerboating, Pregnancy Massage, Press Release, Print, Privacy Law, Pro Tools, Pro-E, Producer (Marketing), Producing, Product Liability, Product Management, Product Manager, Product Marketing, Production, Program Director, Project Coordinator, Project Management, Promoter, Proofreading, Property Appraisal, Property Management, Proposal Writing, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Publicist, Publisher Operations, Punctuation, Punjabi, Python, Quark Xpress, Quickbooks, Quicken, Radio Engineer, Radio General Mgr, Radio Hosting, Radio Operations Mgr, Rail, Reading Comprehension, Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Staging, Reality TV Producing, Receptionist, Reflexology, Rehabilitation, Religious Studies, Report Writing, Researcher, Restaurant Mgr, Resume Writing, Retail Merchandiser, Retail Sales, Retail Store Manager, Retirement Planning, Rhino CAD, Risk Management, Roller-skating, Roofing, Rowing, RSS, Ruby on Rails, Rugby, Running, Russian, Sailing, Sales Associate, Sales Executive, Sales Letters, Sales Mgr, Sales Rep, Sales Trainer, SAP, Science, Screenwriting, Script Writer, Script Writing, SEM, Senior Accountant, Senior Analyst, SEO, Shiatsu, Shooting, Showroom Sales Rep, Singer, Six Sigma, Skateboarding, Skating, Sketchup, Skydiving, SLR, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, SOAP, Soccer, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategist, Social Networking, Sociology, Softball, Software Sales, Software Testing, Soil Scientist, Solar Installation, Solar Sales, SolidWorks, Song Writing, Spanish, Spear Fishing, Special Ed Teacher, Special Education, Special Events, Specialty Sales, Spelling, Sporting Events, Sporting Good Sales, Sports Agent, Sports Broadcaster, Sports Card Collecting, Sports Massage, Sports Psychology, Sports Writing, SQL, Squash, Sr Administrative Assistant, Sr Executive Assistant, Sr Office/Facilities Mgr, Stamp Collecting, Statistics, Storage, Strategic Planning, Structural Analysis, Struts, Sugar CRM, Sumo, Supply Chain Consulting, Surfing, Swedish Message, Swimming, Swing, Switchboard Operator, Table Tennis, Tae Kwon Do, Taekwondow, Talent Management, Tango, Tap, Tax Accountant, Tax Law, Tax Preparation, Tax Specialist, Taxi Driver, Taxidermy, TCP/IP, Tech Support, Technical Writing, Telecommunications, Telemarketer, Telemarketing, Teller, Tennis, Textile, Thai, Thai Massage, Towing, TQM, Trade Law, Trademark, Transcription, Translation, Transportation, Travel Agent, Travel Planning, Travel Writing, Tree Removal, Trial Consulting, Triathlon, Triple Jump, Trucking, Trumpet, Trusts Estates Wills, Tuba, TurboTax, Turkish, Tutoring, TV Announcer, TV Producing, TV Repair, Twitter, Typing, Ukelele, Underwriting, Unix, Upholstery, Urban Studies, VB.NET, Video Editing, Video Game Testing, Video Production, Vietnamese, Viola, Violin, Virology, Visual Basic, Visual Merchandiser, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Voice Talent, VOIP, Volcanology, Volleyball, Waiter/Waitress, Water Polo, Water Resources, Water Ski, Watercolor, Website Design, Wedding Planner, Weightlifting, Window Tinting, Windows, Wine Sales, Winter Sports, Wireless, Word Processing, Wordpress, Wrestling, X-Cart, x86, XHTML, XML, XSLT, Xtreme Sports, Yahoo Developer, YAML, Yoga, Zbrush, Zen Cart, Zoology

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